Welcome To Trinity Congregation – Shanghai

We meet weekly at the Hong En Church in Jin Qiao, Shanghai.  Please check the home page for further details.

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  1. Dr Ian Welch says:

    Good morning, and New Year Greeting, Western and Chinese, to all at Trinity Church.

    I am delighted to see an old Anglican Shanghai name, with variations, thriving.

    I am researching the American Episcopal and British Anglican presence in Shanghai from the time of Bishop William Jones Boone (first Anglican/Episcopal Bishop in China, to c 1880. It has been many years since anyone looked at the American Episcopal Mission in Shanghai under Bishop Boone and there has never, to my knowledge, ever been a serious study of the British Anglican presence.

    I appreciate that a foreign congregation may know little (perhaps nothing) of those days other than the restoration of the old Holy Trinity Cathedral recently—a superb job incidentally in which foreigners played a significant part.

    My specific reason for writing relates to the three previous Holy Trinity Churches—that’s the record so far. The roof fell in on the first in 1850; the congregation then met (appropriately) in an upper room of a godown owned by Mr. J. White, a British businessman. The old church collapsed again 1855 and the new (third) one was opened c1856 or so which in due course also collapsed. By that stage the American Episcopal Church had a church in the new American Settlement at Hongkou and I assume the congregation met there until the new and present Holy Trinity Church met there.

    All this is probably of little relevance, but may I ask if anyone in the existing fellowship has a bent towards such past issues, and may have information and, hopefully, pictures, of the church in the period before the present Holy Trinity Church was opened, dramatically with a huge Masonic presence, c 1868.

    In the meantime, please be assured of the interest of at least one Australian in your church and mission. You can see some of my work on Project Canterbury and a major database on the Flower Mountain Murders of August 1895 on the ANU website. I hope these will indicate that my interest is more than just a passing fancy.



    Dr. Ian Welch
    College of Asia and the Pacific
    Australian National University

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